Monday, June 27, 2011

Store Customers are asking for Flipoutz!

There's a point when a trickle of pebbles become an avalanche, and when a light sprinkle becomes a torrent of rain. For Flipoutz, that moment is rapidly approaching. A grassroots effort is underway by people collecting & trading Flipoutz coins, of going to local stores and asking them to stock Flipoutz. The stores are responding, asking about the product, with more inquiries coming in each day.

The feedback from new stores is customers are calling, emailing, and walking in asking for Flipoutz. They're seeing the demand, and responding by placing orders. It's also obvious that Flipoutz is gaining a following as stores already stocking Flipoutz are quickly selling out of stock and are ordering more. This groundswell has not gone unnoticed as bigger chain stores like Hallmark & Toys R Us have begun limited testing of the product, the results of which may really become the tipping point.

It's easy to become a Flipoutz Retailer, an application form is available online, and a Flipoutz representative is available to answer questions and take store orders. The easiest way to get the ball rolling is to simply call 843-448-8880.

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