Friday, August 26, 2011

Flipoutz Kidzforce!

Coming Soon!

Flipoutz KidzForce
- a unique opportunity for kids to become an integral part of the Flipoutz Nation. Stay tuned to learn how you can earn money as part of a selective sales force and become an entrepreneur just like the inventors of Flipoutz!

Interested? Contact us here...


  1. Stacee, try it again, I think we fixed...(crossing fingers) ...Editor

  2. This is awesome... cant wait for school to start so i can show all my friends my flipouts!

  3. Could you explain the idea to me, my friends and I love new ways to get money.
    We even go to our school end of the year picnic to rais money for charities but this year is our last year at elementary school so this year is going to be BIG!

  4. Alexandra, check out this article we've recently posted...


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