Become a Kidzforce wholesaler... Earn Money and build the Flipoutz Nation

Kidzforce, an exciting new program that gives you the opportunity to make serious money and earn today’s hottest products by introducing Flipoutz to your neighborhood! Along the way, you will learn valuable lessons from your peers and our team of experienced managers and partners at PBS BizKid$!
Here’s how Kidzforce works:
1. You and a parent or guardian discuss Kidzforce and your excitement to become a part of the program!
2. Download & Complete the Kidzforce application completely and return to our headquarters.
3. If selected, you will be contacted by a Flipoutz team member, who will explain the next steps and answer any questions you might have.
Once selected to join Flipoutz Kidzforce, you will gain valuable training and experience on running your very own company. The Flipoutz team will provide you with all the tools and training you will need to make sure your experiences are fun, rewarding, and successful! How much money and how many prizes you earn are entirely up to you!
There are two ways to be rewarded through Kidzforce. First, you can earn real cash by purchasing Flipoutz at a discounted rate through Flipoutz Kidzforce then selling them at a higher price and keeping the profit. The more you sell the more you make! Second, members have the opportunity to win monthly prizes such as iPod Touches, Visa Gift Cards, Nintendo DSs, and many more of today’s hottest products by accumulating “Activity Points”. The points system for earning prices is easy.
Here’s how the “Activity Points” system works:
Activity Points
Purchasing a case of product - 100 pts.
Purchasing a half case of product - 50 pts.
Signing a new retailer - 50 pts.
Holding a trading party - 40 pts.
Getting media involved - 40 pts. (newspaper article, TV interview, etc.)
Activity of the Month - 10 pts.

We realize that Kidzforce members have many great ideas too, and we will award additional points for these ideas that result in extraordinary sales or publicity!

Clubs, Charities
Kidzforce can also be a great fundraising program to earn real money for your favorite organization or club! It’s a fun way for you and all your closest friends at school, sports teams, and clubs, to raise extra cash for your organization!
We’re here to Help!
As a member of our Kidzforce, you will receive all the tools and training needed to be successful. We start you off with the Kidzforce Toolkit, which has the basics to get you started, including a Flipoutz T-Shirt, Flipoutz Notebook, Flipoutz Samples, and Business Training Packet provided by PBSs BizKid$. You also receive our special “The Kidzforce Connection” Newsletter containing valuable feedback from us and all your peers in Kidzforce. Flipoutz was started by kids for kids, and we want to encourage future business leaders by providing real world lessons and opportunities. As one of our newest members of Kidzforce, get ready to learn the “ins and outs” of business while having fun with friends and family … and earning a few rewards along the way!
Kidzforce is currently accepting applications, so get your applications in quickly and become an instant part of Flipoutz history!
We want YOU to join the Kidzforce!
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