Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Teen Choice Awards was a BLAST!

Getting your foot in the door to a high visibility event like the Teen Choice Awards is a major score, getting the chance to show our interactive funwear to the entertainment industry is even better. We did just that, and made some great friends to boot! Erin, Lachlan, & Jake Johnson, stars in their own right, were wonderful spokespersons, at ease with meeting and presenting Flipoutz to some heavy hitters in TV, Music, & Film.

There's some big names sportin' Flipoutz Coins & Bracelets in Hollywood right now!

Ready to see more? Check out our slideshow...


  1. Glad your PR firm facilitated this opportunity. Hopefully you'll get a return on the dollars you spent to participate as part gifting at the Teen Choice Awards. As well, I hope that celebrities made it your way. More times than not they skip gifting and lesser knowns or staffers hit up the gifting tables. Good luck. I totally dig Flipoutz!

  2. I have a blogspot account and I was wondering if there was a way for me to follow your blog because my dad wants me to "Learn about them" before he buys me a braclet

  3. Alexandra, Scroll down to the bottom of the page. In the left column are subscribe buttons. You can get RSS Feeds of both Posts & Comments, as well as become a Follower with Google Friend Connect. Plus, you can become a fan on Facebook, AND subscribe to our Youtube Channel, FlipoutzTV. Thanks for your interest! -Editor.

  4. Thanks Bob, or Bullfrog or... can I just say Bob?

  5. Alexandra, call me anything you want...just don't call me late for supper!


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