Thursday, June 30, 2011

Flipoutz is seeing stars!

First reports came to us Tuesday night. We started getting comments on our Facebook Page from customers saying they bought Flipoutz & told us where.

Flipoutz is showing up in Toys R Us Stores!

Here's the Toys R Us stores our customers have found Flipoutz in stock so far...

• Toys R Us - Bossier City, LA.
• Toys R Us - Des Moines
• Toys R Us/Babies R Us - Rochester, NY
• Toys R Us - Riverhead NY
• Toys R Us - Albany GA

We appreciate all the reports & emails we're getting, keep em' coming. Thanks for spreading the word, and most especially, thanks for telling stores you want Flipoutz!
FLIPOUTZ FEVER is catching on!


  1. you guys think you could try puting flipoutz uot in new hamphirs or saleme toys r us store cause i live in lawrence mas and i dont have flipoutz near me

  2. We're working on it. While we do have Flipoutz in Amy's Hallmark in Quincy, MA, we looking for retailers in New Hampshire too. Meanwhile, be sure to tell your favorite store that you want them to stock Flipoutz. Tell everyone you have FLIPOUTZ FEVER!


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