Thursday, June 16, 2011

Flipoutz® Hauls in Hallmark!

Hallmark Stores has for years been offering just the right cards, gifts, wrap and more to celebrate milestones as well as everyday moments. More than 3000 Hallmark stores can be found nationwide in Malls & Shopping Centers, as well as long standing fixtures in small town squares. Today, Flipoutz® has taken a huge step in establishing itself across the country, by becoming available in several Hallmark stores coast to coast!

Flipoutz products are currently available in 38 independent Hallmark stores, from Quincy Mass. to Pheasant Hill, Ca., and points in between. We definitely will be adding many more. Word is getting out that Flipouts Fever is starting to catch on.

Check out our Flipoutz Google Map, you'll see a bunch of Gold Crowns have been added. We hope one's near you. We're proud to be available in your neighborhood Hallmark store, home to Gold Crown Quality.

If there's a Hallmark near you not on the map...march down there and tell 'em you want to Flipoutz right there in the store!

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