Monday, June 20, 2011

Flipoutz wins a Creative Child's Product of the Year Award

Creative Child Magazine's 2011 Awards Program held a number of Wild Creations Products in high regard this year. Creative Child Magazine's Awards Program is unique in that all products submitted are reviewed by parents, educators and professionals alike. Products are not reviewed by any one person. They are reviewed by many people-the very people who purchase them.

Most noteworthy is the Product of the year award given to Flipoutz®, the interactive funwear product designed by kids for kids. Since it's inception, and most recently it's debut on the popular ABC TV show Sharktank, Flipoutz is gaining a tremendous following, showing all the signs of becoming a major hit. "Flipoutz Fever" is catching on as more stores are stocking the Flipoutz® coins & Bracelets each day. Check out the growing list of retailers on the Flipoutz Google Map.

Another new toy that has captured the imagination is Roll-Up Roads, the long-lasting, reusable roadway tape. As long as there has been toy cars, trucks, trains, & airplanes, children have often designed imaginary roadways of travel. Roll-Up Roads takes it one step further with it's tacky-back tape that can transform a tabletop into a downtown cityscape, a railway terminal or a busy jetport. And parents can rest easy knowing that the family dining table won't end up with permanent strips of tape all over. The tacky-back tapes leaves no mess, no "goo". UPDATE:Roll-Up Roads is coming to stores & on the Wild Creations website July 1st.

Take modern RC technology, lightweight & durable materials, and a spark of inspiration, and you end up with a RC Toy that will delight and amaze. You get Wild Creations RC Skybird, a remote controlled toy that flies like a real bird under your control, this years Toy of the Year in the RC Toy Category. UPDATE:Look for the RC Skybird in stores & on the Wild Creations website July 1st.

You can experience the thrill of discovery by uncovering the bones of a long lost animal ancestor with the Ice Age Excavation Kits by Geoworld, this years Preferred Choice Award winner for the Educational Science Kits category.
Encased in a block of soft chalk stone is the faithful replica bones of a Woolly Mammoth, Cave Bear, or Saber-tooth Tiger. It's your task to uncover the bones just like a real palaeontologist with the included hammer & chisel, and assemble them together into a museum quality skeleton replica.

It is the mission at Wild Creations to provide products that Inspire, Educate, & Entertain. We're proud to receive these awards, and we're equally proud to provide quality products such as these.

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