Monday, October 24, 2011

Kidzforce Debut at SC State Fair

Flipoutz co-inventor Lachlan Johnson was all smiles at the South Carolina State Fair Friday evening, "We're going to flip the toy industry on it's ear." And literally so, as a gymnastics team cartwheeled before a gathered crowd while Flipoutz staged it's public launch of KIDZFORCE, a nation-wide sales program enabling kids to gain business knowledge first-hand, as well as help spread the new Flipoutz Interactive Funwear far & wide.

"Each kid can be their own boss," said Rhett Power, president of Wild Creations, manufacturer & national distributor of Flipoutz, "we're providing the tools necessary to give young entrepreneurs a chance to step into the business world."
Kidzforce is a sales incentive program enabling kids to sell Flipoutz products & earn income & incentive points that lead to bonuses & rewards. At the same time, Kidzforce will be teaching valuable business experience as well as help expand Flipoutz & other products. "Who better to sell products to kids than kids," added Power. Power also explained that while the emphasis is to enable kids, it's also not leaving parents out. "Our first priority is to ensure that parents get involved, we make sure that parents take an active role in the program too."

Along with the public roll-out at the South Carolina State Fair, Kidzforce has it's own Facebook account & web blog to serve as a central source for information and aid to those involved in the program. Kidzforce members will be able to share their experiences & contribute ideas that can grow the program.

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