Friday, July 29, 2011

What do you do with Flipoutz?

While we've been reporting of all the stores that have begun stocking Flipoutz®, the questions we get more & more boils down to one simple question that has several answers... What do you do with Flipoutz?
The idea behind Flipoutz, is fundamentally no different than trading baseball cards... "I have Mickey Mantle, you have Nolan Ryan...let's trade! But we've added trade tracking & social networking on top of that!

By registering your coins on the website, you can track your coin and interact with whomever registers the coin after you traded it. So if you & your five best friends trade Flipoutz coins, you can then interact with each other on the Flipoutz website.

You got a particular Flipoutz coin at a special place or during a special occasion? Document the story with the coin. Just post the story when you register it. The story stays with the coin, and more stories can be added by others whenever it is traded.

77 Different coins! When you order a Flipoutz coin pack, bracelet or starter pack online, you don't know what coins you are going to get. Just like baseball trading cards, you'll have coins you'll want to keep, coins you want to trade, & coins you want to trade for. The more coins you collect, the more trades you'll make.

So get started, get some coins and start wearing them, show them to friends & family. Most importantly, tell others to get some Flipoutz to trade. The more people trading Flipoutz coins, the further your traded coins will travel. We're just getting started!

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