Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The View from Above

The campaign for getting Flipoutz in stores nationwide officially kicked off Friday, April 3rd. when the Johnson family, creators of Flipoutz, appeared on ABC's Sharktank and pitched their idea of tradeable & trackable coins and colorful coin bracelets to the Sharks, and won their backing & support.

Since then it's been a rocket ride! In less than 4 months, stores across the country have begun stocking the "Interactive Funwear". We've taken to post their locations on our Google Map that supplies address & phone# where available, making for an easy way for anyone to visualize locations & directions. plus, the number of new subscribers to our child-friendly interactive website is growing by leaps & bounds. More & more are collecting the coins, trading them & tracking them online at

Along with our efforts to win over retailers, we've also had stores call us to order, simply because their customers keeps asking them to stock Flipoutz. Word of mouth is the best form of marketing, so now the word is out and mouths are talking...and word is "Stock some FLIPOUTZ!" It's easy to get the ball rolling, any retailer can call us at 843-448-8880 to talk to a Flipoutz Rep. they'll be happy to answer questions, or better yet, place orders.

While the view high above looks great, there's plenty of room for more stores & more places to stock flipoutz.

If you know a local store who you think would (or should) stock Flipoutz, go tell them.... or ask them to stock Flipoutz, and send us a email, or give us a call at 843-448-8880. Let us know who we should contact. Meanwhile, keep checking our Google Map, we're adding more stores nearly every day.

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