Friday, September 2, 2011

Seen any good Maps lately?

More stores added, more places with Flipoutz near you!
There's still plenty of places that need Flipoutz Interactive Funwear but the map clearly shows we've covered a lot of ground since our national debut just 5 months ago.
If it looks like our map is a little nose-heavy up in new england it's because we've brought on several new "Down East" stores, several who've responded from our showing at the International Gift Fair in New York...
Just north of Albany, Bumble Beads in Latham NY has an exciting studio where you can create your own beaded jewerly. Flipoutz will fit right in with their children's boutique.

What's Flipoutz doing in a pastry shop? WHO CARES! I'll have another puff pastry and a cremehorn please. Settle your sweet tooth and stock up on Flipoutz! Check out Di Mare Pastry in Stamford CT.

But let's not forget out Indianapolis friends! Now they have two locations nearby...

The Bungalow, at 924 East Westfield Bvd., with their wide selection of unique gifts.

With a GRAND OPENING on Sat. Sept. 10, My Toy Garden is bringing Carmel IN a world of FUN! We're proud Flipoutz will be there! Check out their blog...

This is just a handful of stores we've added with more coming everyday! Check the map often.  You'll find that each day it's easier to catch "Flipoutz Fever"!


  1. Hey Flipoutz team! I was wondering in what stores around the Boston MA area would be selling Flipoutz? Thanks

  2. A quick look on the map shows:
    Amy's Hallmark
    51 Newport Avenue
    Quincy, MA 02171-2610
    (617) 769-0018
    Something Suitable
    41 Atlantic Ave, Marblehead, MA 01945

    Trust me... more stores are coming... but if you have a particular store in mind... tell them about us,& give them our website


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